The Golden Corral is an American family-style restaurant chain featuring an all-you-can-eat buffet in the US. Have you ever visited the nearby outlet of Golden Corral then share your customer experience at the Official www.gclistens.com survey website at getting a chance to win $1,000 as an award for Gclistens. Golden Corral is now announcing to take Survey at and appreciating the Customers for providing such valuable feedback with Instant daily & weekly Prizes.

Welcome to www.gclistens.com just submit your customer experience and win prizes up to 1000$ which includes daily and weekly prizes. Participate in the Survey & Enter Online by Keeping your receipt at http://www.gclistens.com with the gateway provided Gclistens. Winner contacted within 10 days of selection and Prize sent to the winner within 60 days. For More Details on Golden Corral location-based contact, www.gclistens.com. Gclistens is conducting the survey to know the customer’s feedback. After giving the customers feedback you will win the Instant Daily Prize $ 1000 & Weekly Prize of $ 500.

Enter the 14-Digit Gclistens Code


If you do not have a code printed on your receipt, click here.

How To Take Gclistens @ www.gclistens.com?

To participate in the Official GClistens survey follow the below steps:

  • To take the GClistens survey online you must Require a Transaction receipt of Required Golden Corral.
  • If you are the one who never visited the Golden Corral in the past then visit the local Golden Corral and enjoy the fresh food as well don’t forget to keep the receipt.
  • Go online and open www.gclistens.com
  • Choose the language.
  • Now enter the 14 digit code or Invitation code which is located on the receipt.
  • Enter Store Number.
  • Enter the List of products or food that you had in the restaurant.
  • Rate & review the Food, customer services Quality, price
  • Enter the date & time of the receipt.
  • In the Next Window and after you will be asked some questions as a part of it.
  • Take the survey and get a chance to win Daily & Weekly prizes instantly.
  • You can also enter this customer online where no need for Golden Corral Purchase.

Note: Gclistens Survey is now available at  www.gclistens.com Instant Daily Prizes & Weekly Prizes per day & week. Don’t miss the chance to Win USD$1,000 Instant Daily prize and USD$500 Weekly Prizes. A person who entered and won the prize will be eligible for another entry only after 90 Days. Every Customer is cordially invited by Golden Corral Pilot. They had conducted by Gclistens, give the feedback & Win $1,000 Instant Prize or $500 weekly. To take in more surveys and win coupons, visit official portal at Satisfactionsurvey.online


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