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Travel Channel is also known as Trvl Channel an American pay television channel in the US, It streams all kind of shows like reality, documentaries, travel, and leisure shows, etc., Travel Channel is owned by Discovery. Inc., Travelchannel is conducting the customer satisfaction survey in order to know the customers feedback about their channel. After completing the feedback the customers have the chance to win a $10,000 gift card as a customer loyalty reward.

Just enter into the Survey and provide your details to get Grand Prize on www.travelchannel.com. Rate and review the customer service of the Travel Channel & get a chance to Win $10,000 Gift Card. Just take some time to give the feedback form and then submit to the Travelchannel Survey and get $10,000 worth gift card that can be used for Travelling or Shopping in your journey.

Enter the 21-Digit TravelChannel Code


If you do not have a code printed on your receipt, click here.

How To Take TravelChannel Survey @ www.travelchannel.com?

To enter into the Survey to win Prize sweepstakes $10,000! cash prize you just need a working Email ID & spare some time to take part. This feedback roughly takes 5 mins with some queries,

  • You just need a PC or laptop If in case you don’t have both then you can use your mobile phone to take the survey.
  •  To enter the Travel channel survey  first you have to visit the official website  Travelchannel.Com
  • Enter Invitation Code in the Filed.
  • Enter Store Number.
  • Enter the List of products like frozen foods, fruits and vegetables., basic food products and services rate the Quality, price, customer experience at the Store.
  • Enter Transaction number or Transaction ID
  • Click on the sweepstakes.
  • Select the sweepstake which you want to enter.
  • Now enter your Email ID in the given spaces.
  • Done, Once the sweepstake period will get completed the Company will announce the winners in the Same site.

Note: To enter the Travelchannel the customer must be 21 years old or more & the Final winner must provide the proof for being an account holder This sweepstake is open only for the legal residents. At the final part, the customer has the chance to win a $10,000 gift card. A limit of one entry per person per day per an email address. The one who wishes to begins they must enter at 12:00 a.m. To Take more, navigate to online survey feedback platform at satisfaction survey

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